Air force recruit's Job list question?

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I Just called my college quits for the moment, I was a criminal justice major and want to get into law enforcement, My recruiter plus the people at the MEPS station told me Security forces is the most needed job in the Airforce at this time and they say its a 99.9% chance that i will be selected for that job field i know many people who have received the job they labeled number one. Any current Recruiters or Active duty that can back this up and let me know if Its a Very good chance i will receive Security forces or should i not get my hopes up?

to add I am on a quick ship list because of a situation in my home town that I need to get out of town ASAP will this effect my chances




  1. man i hope you are in good shape af basic sucks i got ****** up real bad i was sf and the training was brutal and lackland right now is hotter then h**l i spent 9 months there bc of my injuries i just want to tell u the af is awsome but security forces is not the way to go  

  2. The Air Force is currently short in that career field as the frequent and longer deployments have really created a shortage as well as affected retention in that AFSC.  If you want that career field then I would say that there is about a 90% chance that you will get it.  Be careful what you ask for though. I know many and have worked with them a lot and while they like certain aspects of their jobs they often times cross-train out of that career field due to getting burned out in it and the low rate of promotions in it.   Career wise it is a very tough career to make it in but if you are looking for a civilian career in law enforcement after only a single enlistment and using your education benefits and veterans hiring preference it is not a bad way to go.

  3. Who knows man it's up in the air. I cannot give you any gurantees or even begin to guess each month the list is different sometimes security forces is on there and sometimes it's not. I hope this guy is not really in the Air Force above me. You're also on quickship which means you will probably go in that job field not Security Forces but the GENERAL JOB FIELD, which means durring BCT you will select your job from a needed list. However you may get a guranteed job before you ship chances are you wont.

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