For those who enlisted in the Air Force, what happens when you go pick ur job and everything at meps?

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Like when you picking your they ask you whats jobs you are interested in...or do they give you a list of jobs that you qualify for? how did that whole process go?




  1. It's the same for everyone in the military. It is just that: the Military Entry Processing Center. No matter what branch you go into, you will do the same things there as the other soldiers. As far as the job you get, your recruiter will make sure you have a list of about 5-7 or more jobs that you qualify for, based on your ASVAB scores. Then, the MEPS processing center will select one of those jobs on your list, based on their needs.  

  2. I served from 1983 to 1987. I selected my MOS at the recruiters office prior to attending the MEPS location in Detroit. Don't let the recruiter push you into an MOS that doesn't interest you, Explore your options and when you decide on an MOS, ask about the delayed entry program. This option allows you to delay your enlistment till an opening occurs in your MOS. This usually applies to MOS that are in great demand such as computer specialties, medical, etc.. Beware, I believe when you choose this option, you'll be on the hook for six years instead of the standard four. But if you choose six years for your term of enlistment, you go in as an A1C ( Airman first class ), two stripes. Be firm, decisive, and proud! I was assigned to the 26th Recon Unit, Zwiebruucken, Germany. Stateside tour served at the 42nd Bombardment Wing, 8th Air Force, Loring AFB, ME., ( SAC ). Plan on spending the night at the  MEPS, I had to the day before I shipped out.You go through tons of physical and psychological tests. Don't be intimidated, I lived some of the best years of my life serving! If you need more info, add me to your contacts.

  3. From what i remember my recruiter got me in as open administrative and then when i went to basic training we all had to go into a little office with a man and he gave us our jobs.  We did not get them at meps

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