My best friend is leaving=*[?

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my best friend is joining the marines. he wants to be in the mechanics field, and he leaves september 2nd. I've been like, in love with him for 3 years. Right now I'm not crazy about him, but I dont think im over him, either. But even so, he's the best guy friend i could ask for, and he calls me his best friend ALL the time, we are wicked close. Between now, and the time he leaves, we may only be able to hang out once. I'm hoping i can see him off, but idk. he means a lot to me, and he's leaving=[ I miss him from not seeing him for 2 weeks, and I know it's just gonna get worse. has anyone been through a situation like this before? I would like to hear your stories, or any advice you may have even though I know there really isnt anything i can do.....this is wicked hard on me.




  1. There is nothing wrong with the way your feeling, your best friend is leaving,

    over the next 2 weeks I lose my 2 best friends to college. A good friend to the Army (I'm not anti military, but am actually considering joining) but he's starting his life, be sad, but be proud to say your best friend is a United States Marine. You'll be alright, it sucks. I know because its happening to me too. Just make sure to tell him you love him and that you'll write to him and actually follow through with writing him. Let him know that you care and he has someone to come home to.

  2. are you from NH wicked girl

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