Is Iran asking for Israel to turn it into a wasteland?

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Iran announced they now have planes that can fly to Israel and back without refueling. Was this a smart idea to boast about this publicly?




  1. Israel aint gonna do a d**n thing to Iran.  Russia has oil interests there. If Israel or America even tries messing around, WWIII is popping. Wait until Russia unleashes on Israel and America.

  2. This is bad news. Yet another reason to bomb the h**l out of Iran!!

  3. i think israel are just like the british were with argentina  do nothing for a while  then kick there bottoms, i was outside the wailing wall, i felt a right idiot i was stood there with a harpoon gun

  4. No, Iran would never actually do that themselves because it would make their country a target for Israel and the USA.  When Iran attacks Israel, it will be through one of their terrorist proxies who can attack and then slip back into the population with the women and children.  That's how honorable Iran is.

    And when they attack Israel, it will be too late for the world to do anything about it.  In the meantime, the world just sits and does nothing.

  5. I totally agree with Ron P. But I think people need to get it straight: Iran doesn't have a problem with Jews, they have a problem with the Israeli government. These countries have problems with each other in a government perspective.  

  6. No, Iran is looking for respect.  Basically they are saying "Give us our props, Western nations, or we will kill all your pet Jews.  Don't think we can't."

  7. My God, these operatives don't realize how obvious they are, do they? This 'guy' is obviously a soldier, someone who wants perpetual war because his livelihood (and retirement) depends on it.

    Anybody who thinks israel should decide our economic, political, and military policies is a traitor.  Plain and simple.  A Real American has no loyalty to a foreign power, only America.

    All we know about Iran is what jewsnews tells us.  It's pure propaganda.  The 'jews' own 80% of America's print and electronic media, as well as the bulk of chairmanships of many of America's top war materiel suppliers.  Why should we trust what they tell us?  They just want to make money from their evil activities.

    If you're adult enough to discern from the evidence, you'll conclude it's not the muslims who want to annhiliate israel but israel who wants to annhiliate the muslims (via isreal's lapdogs in the US military).  The 'jews'  want a near-monopoly on oil like they have on diamonds and gold.  

    Patronize nonjewish sources of information to get a more truthful slant on things.

  8. Ron, Russia won't unleash a d**n thing on America as America has much more power than them. Russia may attack Israel but never the United States, that's quite common sense.


  9. no, iran wants nothing.  Israel wants iran and all other islamic states to kill themselves.

  10. Yes, however, back in 1981 "I think" (I forget what they called it), Israel flew F-16's to Iran and bombed a nuclear plant back then and back without refueling.

    When it comes to Israel, remember this:

    "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee:"  Genesis 12:3

    We will "never" see Israel lose war!

    Iran, like islam in general , including most communist countries and the vatican HATE Israel!  They will try anything to wipe the Jews and their country off the face of the earth!

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