What can I include in a care package for a solider in Afghanistan?

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What can I include in a care package for a solider in Afghanistan?




  1. I sent my son 5 pounds of flavored dried jerky which was sealed in airtight packages. He was instantly the most popular guy on the base. He was also able to "barter" with it for other favors and gifts.

    Do NOT send alcohol, adult magazines or anything X rated. Magazine such as Maxxum or FHM are allowed.  

  2. candy, pictures...

  3. candies, foot powder, socks, anti fungal cream-spray, packaged foods, comfort foods, movies, games, computer software.

  4. Pretty much anything you can send them on a base EXCEPT alcohol!

  5. Magazines - Maxim, Sports Illustrated, ESPN

    Jerky - ALL kinds

    Dried Fruits -



    As soon as winter gets here, chocolate!

    Shaving Cream

    Razor Blades

    Sudoko Puzzles

    Blank Cards of various types (BDay, Miss You, etc)

    New Movies (DVD)

  6. I sent toy soldiers over there lol apparently they are still there and they did fake battles. It was cute.  And a suction target gun toy sort of thing.  

    cookies work  pictures, videos, stuff that means something to both of you.

  7. This website should help you out:

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