Stoping yourself from getting an erection?

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Like when a girl has there head in your lap or is sitting in your lap, let me tell you its about the most awkward, make you wanna stab yourself in the heart, thing that can happen on a first date




  1. If she's sitting in your lap and doesn't expect it, she's an idiot.

    If she's got her head on your lap and doesn't expect it, well there's no word to describe that stupidity.

    Relax about it, if she's got into that sort of position, she's there to enjoy it.

  2. Think of your grandma naked....  

  3. it is normal... relax

  4. Sometimes I bite my tongue, think of something nasty etc.

  5. It's completely normal -- and let me tell you -- pleases the person you are with whether a girl or a g*y male -- it indicates your interest afterall.

    You are worrying over absolutely nothing.  You really don't want a girl who doesn't both know that you will get erections all the time, and want you to.

    Kind thoughts,


  6. Its ok man... but if there is a situation where it HAS to be stopped then try not to make violent movements, try not to rub it in any way... walking causes rubbing and it only makes it harder...avoid thoughts of girls... basically try not to move and assume a positions that hides it... it has happened to me several times and one day i was walking past a gym and this really hot chick came out...!!! i was so embarrased! in the middle of the fackin street!!! lol

  7. Think of the most disgusting thing that you can think of. Something that makes you so turned off that there's no way you can get horny.

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