How can i stop getting a erection?

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my gf took me to a nudist beach here in italy yesterday and i had a erection all the time but everyone around didnt. since im 13 i think nobody noticed but i wasnt horny or anything. my gf was naked but i was with her parents too and they didnt mind me getting hard becuz im not italian. also becuz my p***s is covered by my f******n and even hard its all coverd too so i can say im a kid still. my gf didnt mind me getting a erection and also that i have f******n too becuz her older brother also is the same as me.

how do i stop geting a erection when i dont need one?




  1. YOU ARE 13?????????? ok so think about a fat ugly guy

  2. Your 13? If my aunt had balls she would be my uncle too..

    Get lost..

  3. If you genuinely went to a naturist beach you would not get an erection - certainly not in open view and all the time - as naturism is not about s*x. In reality although there are of course some really hot women on the beach people come in all sizes and shapes just as on a non-naturist beach and I assure your there are far more unglamorous, overweight, elderly and middle-aged people of both sexes.

    As there are virtually no naturist beaches in Italy (try Spain or France for that) this seems a tad hard to believe. And you are saying you paraded around your girlfriend's parents with an erection and nobody minded because you were not Italian and uncircumcised.....Come off it!  I just think your imagination is working too hard.  

  4. well ,you could stuff an icepack in your shorts ,will stop your stiffness problem

  5. i'm 22 and still have this problem even when i'm not on a nudist beach, me i think off football or something like the queen naked that seems 2 nock him down a notch.

  6. pretend something embarrassing is going to happen

  7. Let me tell you youre only 13 dont worry its because your there and you know its something new probally so you got "excited"

    Let me also say your one lucky kid getting to go to a nude beach at 13 with your gf and you 13 if i was you i would have swam close to her and felt her up

  8. when you feel your p***s starting to get har focus on something else and this should help  

  9. At your age you just stop getting erections.They happen randomly.

    Especially when you don't want them.

    But as you said no one cared ,so why worry.

    Take a dip in the sea and it will shrink.


  10. Think about 8 foot tall corn, and wonder how they genetically altered the corn to do such.  

  11. be real buddy...go get your kick some where else.

  12. You're young and at 13 you're thinking about s*x allot, seeing naked bodies will do that to a young man.  It's more mental than anything, if you can try to just concentrate on other things when you are at the nude beach with your gf & her family that may help.  

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