I keep getting erections?

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i keep getting erection at the worst time like going to the doctors in a public restroom going to the chiropractor on a 15min car ride to somewere i get like 3 erections im not g*y i know that for sure

another question i was wathing american pie the original and the chic complaind to the guy because he was getting an erection when my and my girlfriend cuddle and watch a movie i will get one should i not be getting them this much is there a way to stop this a trick to get my mind of it?




  1. It's probably normal , and maybe you should think of something that really scares you or something you find disgusting

  2. You must be a very happy man. You should try won't come up for like an hour after it.

  3. heh... i hate getting called up to the board in school. i always bring my book up with me and my hand stays in my left pocket.

    youre a guy its normal!

  4. You are SO normal! Guys ask about random erections at least twice a week in this section - it's just that your hormones are causing your reproductive system to over-react; this will calm down naturally as you mature, but it may take a few years.

    It could be that you are not masturbating often enough - Jackinworld did a survey of its readers aged 11 to 19 and obtained the following results:

    Average Masturbation Frequencies by Age:

    11: 11.1 times per week

    12: 9.4

    13: 10.6

    14: 10.6

    15: 9.9

    16: 9.6

    17: 9.4

    18: 8.5

    19: 9.3

    Remember these are averages - some will m********e more often, some less.

    The website states that

    "From puberty to about age 20, most males have an erection about every 90 minutes to 2 hours, which last about 20 minutes each." This site makes a big thing of "Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome" - TMS - the idea being that it is harmful to m********e face down. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else, so it is probably a minority view. However, remembering my classmates at school, they were certainly having erections at least that often around the age of 13.

    However many erections you get, that does not make you a pervert - are you absolutely certain about that figure of 150 a day though?

    When you cuddle your girlfriend, erections are a reaction to her body, AND to the fact that you are fond of her. This is exactly how a male is deigned to react, though of course it will be some years yet before it is appropriate for you to have intercourse with a girl.

    You won't always be able to have erections so easily or so often, so please enjoy this phase of your life while it lasts.

  5. It's natural. It will only last for awhile and you will be able to control it better.

    Enjoy it while its there

  6. This is normal. There is NO way of stopping an erection. Try not to think about s**y things.

    I hoped I helped :)

  7. probably you most likly thinking too much about it i think you need to spend some time for daly exercise.

  8. Dude you are a male.  Males get erections a lot.  If your girlfriend finds that strange you need to find a girlfriend that likes that.  There's nothing you can do.  If I don't want one I think about baseball, or football, or Jesus, or something completely non-sexual.  It's about the best you can do.  

  9. get a pocket sized hammer and teach it to stay down!

  10. LOL its cuz ur testosterone level is too high, so u have too much sexual desire :P. i wud know im 14 myself, but i dont research this stuff, it came up when i was reading about body building and testosterone lvls :P. its natural at our age too  

  11. jerk off more to release sexual tension

  12. Lmao lol

  13. consider yourself lucky. not all of us can become erect so easily.

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