I got an erection during a physical exam...?

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so i was at the doctor's office getting my physical, and she was checking my p***s, and while i whipped my p***s out, i had a HUGE *****. i have never been so embarressed in my life.




  1. That is probably not the first time it has happened to her. She is used to it I'm sure.

  2. it doesn't bother them

    no need to be embarrassed

    erection is OK

    b o n e r is not

  3. She thinks nothing of it:it's a daily routine for her to see this.

    You weren't the first and you are surely not going to be the last one.

    Just laugh about it:she already forgot it.


  4. Hahaha!

    Don't worry Dude! It's just working they way that it should!

    The doctor should have been really pleased with the result and the good functioning of your parts!

    I hope that the rest of you was in as good shape! Hahaha!

    Me! :- )

  5. Since you were embarrassed, you might consider switching to a male doctor.

  6. did she like it? lol

  7. It is matter of great honor for the doc that she is so s**y that you got an instant erection.

  8. I am a nurse and I have had this happen to my patients. It is totally OK. In fact I remember talking about this in nursing school and that it is comletely normal. In fact, I even had an 84 year old man get an erection while I was putting a catheter in him! Don't worry about it. I can see why you would feel embarassed, but it is really not a big deal to us in healthcare.

  9. Was she hot?

    I'm like laughing right now...

  10. ahhaah that is so funny!

    im sure she has seen over thousands of erections in her lifetime not just from work so no neeed to be embarassed

  11. lol. funny.

    i`m sure you are not the first and certainly not the last.


  12. It's okay to use erection--that isn't a dirty word.

    You're not the first guy to have an erection during a physical, and you won't be the last, definitely.

    I imagine that the doctor has seen other guys with erections, and that it's nothing new to her.    

    It's embarassing, but it's not like you're going to meet her at parties, or she's going to tell your friends.    

    At least she knows that you don't have difficulty attaining erections!

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