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I'm going to be a freshman this coming year, and I wanted to get into track and field. But, I'm not sure what event.

-I can run fast, but not long distances

-I have long legs and I'm almost 5'6"

-I'm not very strong

Please list any events you think i might be good at

Thanks guys :)




  1. I would sugest the 100, 200,400, 400 relay, 800 relay, and  all feild events.  You can do anything you put your mind to so if you train hard, eat well, and get the right amount of sleep you will be awesome!!  Check out for some gr8 tips!!

    good luck,

    live the runner gal

  2. Do the 100, 200 and long jump.  If you get stronger you would be good at the 400 because you're not very tall you could handle the curve better than tall girls.

  3. you and me are a lot alike.

    im fast, but not long distances too and am around 5'6".

    i started track last year.

    i did the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay, and long jump.

    i would recomend any of those for you.

    my favorite was the 4x100m relay.

    i probly wont do the 4x400m relay this year cause i get too tired.



    hope you have fun.!

  4. 100, 200 or maybe a 400.  Maybe even a decent long jumper.   I was a sprinter in high school and my best was the 400 soo if you get a little stronger and a little more endurance you could  make a great 400 runner with your long legs.

  5. -100m

    -200m (my favorite)






    I'm 5'9, and you're gonna have to work to get your leg turnover faster b/c you're farther away from the ground. Even now, i'm trying to remind myself not to stride!!!! Striding doesn't help in a 100.

    Also, you may want to try hurdles. Everyone said i could probably do it since my legs were long, but I never tried it. I went to the track last week, and the hurdles were out, so i just tried one, and i did it!

    There's also high jump. The way i had it broken down to me was simple, but it's much harder to do when you're actually trying it.

    There's also long jump and triple jump.

    Don't limit yourself. Try lots of different things. You never know what might happen!

    O, and the person above me is right lol. That 400 is no joke. It's one lap around, but it's  a sprint. And that last 100m hurts like idk what. I respect 400 runners. Don't let that stop you from trying!

    Good luck =D

  6. Speaking as a former track coach. . .keep an open mind.  If you have a bit of speed, you may be a candidate for sprints, hurdles and field events.  You have pretty good height which will help.  Training will help you overcome obstacles.

    If I were your coach, I would look strongly at long, triple and high jumps and hurdles, but I would have an open mind to the other events too.  It may be the 100, 200 and 400 are more suited.  It may even depend on the strengths of the team.  I would lean towards sprints but look at times for distance.  You may not realize that you are good at distances until you are trained in them.  It is always better to try out sprints before distance because distance training can hurt sprint, but sprinting usually only benefits distance running.

    Good Luck!

  7. If you don't think that you can do long distance than you should do short distance! lol

    You need to build up your endurance/stamina. So going run distance will be key, don't worry about it though (you have a long time before season.) I think that if you start out running a mile (every other day) and then on the other days you do your sprints (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m) that you will be good in no time.

    You should try 1,2,4,8 hundred, but i think that you will like the 1,2,4 more. Also you might want to get into the hurdles (because of your "long legs"

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