Is Anybody Excited About The Track & Field Events?

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i'm super excited about the track and field events! Does anyone know when does it start?

and what country's do you think that will do the best in this event?

and what country are excited to see in that event?




  1. Yes i am very excited, track and field.  I can't wait to ee the mens 1500 and decatholon.  However, i'm not to excited to see how many athletes will have to return medals and be disqualified for performance enhancing drugs

  2. YES! Soooo excited!!

  3. imm excited too!

    i think it starts today

  4. Best part of the Olympics!

  5. I don't know when the Track and Field events start, but I am excited. Of course I'm rooting for the USA, we too fast for the world.

    Oh and by the way GO WORLD! lol

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