Do i have man b***s?

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im 15. i have a whole lot of stretch marks(not on my legs, and not all the way down to my elbow.) but other regular places to have stretchmarks)

i have a little stomacj, but i wouldn't be considered fat. im 6,0 feet tall.

i weigh about 170. i had these develop since i was 8.

i never realize how muchoof a problem this was until last year, when i started wanting to play sports.

it feels like i have little balls in my tetes. my tetes point making a trinagle and sags some when i bend over.

they're like 2 inches long.

please tell me i can lose this.

if you're gonna talk about surgery then dont say nothing

please help me lose these, if you had my experience

please help. i beg you.

what can i do




  1. mooob man  

  2. had the same thing...its your chest developing dont worry it will go away...i had it for like a year and a half...they will eventually shrink and go away.


  4. Well they answered it for you,

    so I guess I'm gonna say diddo.


  5. You aren't fat so most likely you have gynecomastia.  The ONLY way to get rid of it is surgery.  And you JUST asked this.

  6. surgery

  7. yes
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