Mcdonalds comes up with a unique idea for valentine day and weddings

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The Cheapest Valentine Day party is called McBodas, a new item added to Mcdonalds menu in Hong Kong.

Mcdonald adds a special item on the menu for the Valentine Day

The director of McDonald's in Hong Kong, Shirlet Chang, tells Reuters that the couple” go there, make your love grow there and, therefore, when such an important day arrives want to go there to celebrate." Therefore considers this country is a good niche market for these celebrations. But the low price that the parties have to pay for the celebration also has much to do with the new practice.

It is customary for the Chinese youth have higher credits to ask to marry and make a traditional feast. A company does not miss that at a time of economic uncertainty, especially for those who walk under thirty, normally provide for less expensive service is a good business opportunity.

In USA the newlyweds also owe a lot of loans, mortgages and things like that, but it seems safe, at least for now, that good wine and ham can not replace them with a Cheese Burger.

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