Valentines Day wedding, any ideas?

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We are planning our wedding on Valentines Day next year. Does anyone have any great ideas for us, I really don't like the colour red, Thanks

Its going to be a very down to earth natural wedding in a country location.




  1. I would go with a cornflower/aqua color. Decorate with hearts. Use pink roses. Play the song "My Valentine", by Martina McBride.  

  2. How about Burgundy and Gold. :) That would look marvelous in a country location. :)

  3. Congrats. Me and my hubby had our wedding on 21 Feb 2008 this year(it is the Chinese Valentines Day).

    Colors for you:

    dark blue & grey

    light blue & grey

    yellow & grey

    purple & blue

    pastel purple & yellow

  4. Colour Ideas:

    - Pink and White

    - Purple and White

    - Pink and Purple

    - Chocolate Brown and White

    - Chocolate Brown and Purple

    - Chocolate Brown and Pink

    - Green and White

    - Black and White

    Centerpiece Ideas:

    - Flowers & Feathers (combo)

    - Candles

    - Candy Center Pieces

    Wedding Cakes:

  5. You could have a harpist come and play for your wedding - very romantic.

  6. You could do pink and cream.  I planned my sister's wedding which was on valentines Day.  I did a heart  theme. we had a chocolate fountain, on the tables I put heart shape candles, I had chocolate kisses as the favors.

    best wishes and good luck

  7. you picked the cheesiest day to get married out of the whole year. have a heart themed wedding with a chocolate fountain. your invitations could be a valentine, and the little sweet heart candies with the "i do" and "my luv" messages could be your favors. now all the men that attend your wedding won't have to plan for that holiday because the couples will be attending your wedding. I'm sure they will be very appreciative.

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