How to get your ex to buy Valentine’s day gift for your current partner

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How to get your ex to buy Valentine’s day gift for your current partner

Your relationship hit the fan and all the time and money you spent on it is gone. Good thing is you still have some money sitting there in form of gifts you received from your ex. Lots of people sell these gifts but who sells more, Men Or Women

If you guessed men, you guessed it right. To take advantage men are more detached with past loves and 25% of the men sell past lovers gifts. However, only 22% of women would dare to say goodbye to the material souvenirs.

For communities, people in London are the most willing to sell (35%), followed by LA and New York where the 28 and sell 26% respectively. At the other extreme, the Basques. Only 13 % would be able to sell gifts received. Canaries are, interestingly, the most rancorous : the main reason I would sell for revenge.

And what were the gifts? Majority jewelry. 44% sell rings, bracelets and watches after. 27% would get rid of stuffed animals and photos, and 14% sell mobile phones. In addition, 14% would use even sell items that your ex left forgotten. You know, in times of crisis, we must sharpen your wits. And it seems to lack ideas or reason to.

Now you can’t say you don’t have or don’t know where to get the money to buy your current partner a gift on Valentine’s day. Use what was given to by your ex and love on.

Happy Valentine !

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