Unique Beach Wedding Ideas?

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I am getting married on ocean on the West coast of B.C.Canada. We just found our spot last week and are very excited. I found some great ideas at but am looking for other ideas and suggestions. It will be a fairly small wedding with only about 30 guests and we want it to be classy but simple.

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  1. i saw a cute idea at a wedding i attended this past weekend. since it was outside they gave out sandlewood fans instead of programs (who really cares about programs anyway?)

  2. I'm planning a beach wedding, but I'm not stingy, so I'll give you all of my swell, beachy ideas.

    1) We're using a large mother-of-pearl shell, with a ribbon tied through the end, instead of a ring pillow. This doubles as a keepsake later.

    2) No flowery centerpieces. Authentic-looking fish nets, plenty of loose shells (you can buy them in bulk lots of places online, or I'm sure on the beach as well), and a couple of candles in sand. Saves lots of money this way, too.

    3) For place-settings/ favors: We are making glass bottles with corks on them (message-in-a-bottle type), affixing our picture and date of marriage to the bottle, then filling it with sand and teeny shells, then tying a label with the guest's name to it. This is a cool keepsake, and doubles as a place setting.

    4) Just in case it's hot (wedding is in June), the programs will be printed on fans. You can find these for very cheap if you order them online ahead of time.

    Other things that help the beach setting: we're walking down the aisle barefoot; the guys will be in sand-colored pants and vests with lavender ties and the women in lavender dresses with sand-colored sashes; we'll have a caribbean reggae band playing and BBQ seafood catering; and we'll have shells made of fondant and candy on our wedding cake. We also got really cool invitations on the 'beach party' section on

    Good luck!

  3. Hello, congrats! Beach weddings are so unique, they don't need much! I have a few tips though....

    If you are wearing a veil buy small fishing weights the smallest you can get. paint them white or the color of your dress and attach them at each coroner and middle of veil. That is to hold it down in the breeze.

    I had bamboo poles as my walk way, they had a single flower tied to it with ribbon in our wedding colors we let blow in the wind about 10-12 inches long on each side!  It was beautiful and blew in th breeze.

    If you are having attendants the can carry shells, or have shells in between the flowers. I had our flower girls toss sea shells, the ring bear could hold a shell that has the rings tied in side by a ribbon.

    All of our flowers had shells, sand dollars, and starfish Incorporated them. Our ring bear had a boutonniere of shells.

    We had a candy buffet that had shells for scoops, we also made chocolate candy shells.

    I looked on the and took the many ideas I thought were cute and made them my own by tweaking it to wear I liked it! If you like to see any pictures email me!

    Best wishes in all your planning!  

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