The Cheapest Valentine Day party

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The Cheapest Valentine Day party is called McBodas

Valentine’s Day was held in Hong Kong’s first McDonald's feast for honeymooners, a service that comes as cheap and attractive for young people who often go there when you are dating.

A gathering of friends at McDonald's. A couple who is known there. A first inner heat quotes cheeseburger. A dotted courtship dinner Friday McMenús based. Does the natural next step exist? Under the reasoning of the largest fast food chain in the world, the answer is clear : the McBoda.

Ensure that this kind of money value parties are becoming a common process in Hong Kong, where three franchises have been pioneers in offering the service since January, and wherein the first pair of lovers celebrated their nuptial February 14, Valentine's Day. There are already two banquets hired this year and about 70 couples have been interested in the service.

Kelvin and surrounded Ashley celebrated their commitment to friends, ketchup and fries, but also apple pie, pink balloons, gifts for children and other special supplements for the occasion. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. It costs Much less money than you would have spent on regular valentine day parties.

Beside McBadoas there are other packages, something like a package of sweet and warm wedding.

The banquet also includes invitation cards, decorated with golden arches and Ronald McDonald style decor. The bride and groom spend less than 1,000 euros, according to estimates by the company, and will enjoy a reserved area on the premises, if not the entire restaurant. Paying extra money, you can purchase a bouquet of flowers or even rent a wedding dress made with balloons.

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