Funky/Unique Wedding Centerpiece/Decorating Ideas!?

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Hello everybody! I need help! I like all the new and funky ideas they are doing with weddings these days, and I guess I just need some help with it! Our wedding is next Spring, but I am trying to get as much done now as possible:) My main problem is decorating the inside of the reception site. We are having an outside/garden/country feel wedding, and I am needing some decorating ideas for the reception. Here is some pics of stuff that I like, but am unsure how to incorporate it all together. I wish I had a picture of a good centerpiece idea, that way I could just copy it! haha. Anyway, here goes...

*Colors are coral, peachy, yellow, and some pink*

*Antique Lanterns/Candles*


*Rustic decor- galvanized pails, vases, etc... (need more help here too)

Oh, and I need an idea for a backdrop for our cake table pictures! I don't like the backdrop that is there now, so any ideas are appreciated! Thanks in advance yall!




  1. What if you got galvanized pails for the centerpieces. You can place the reeds into the pails and place flowers on the rim of the pails. Perhaps you can get some minature antique laterns and put the laterns, along with some rocks, around the pails. I think that would make a nice centerpiece. I wish I had a picture that you could copy - but no such luck finding one.

    Here are some other ideas that you might be able to use though:

    Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck with your wedding!  

  2. Well, I dont know if you actually like the whole candle idea or just the lantern style in the first picture.

    You can always take just the lantern, keep out the candle, but put the reeds/ whatever into the lantern, and then place the flowers you want all throughout the reeds.

    Or, if you like the picture idea, you can do somewhat of the same thing. Take the lantern, keep out the candle, and get some sturdy sort of plant/ fake plants, and somehow attach a few pictures to the plants, so that they kind of droop over for the people at the table to see.

    I don't know if I'm making any sense-lol. I usually can't explain the way I think very well unless I have you and the objects in front of me-lol.

  3. If you want to some how incorporate all of those together... Thats pretty much impossible. What I would do is the lantern flower thing, with maybe some Christmas lights inside. You'd get the effect of a candle, but the beautiful look of the flowers. You could antique the lanterns to give them a rustic look, and coral and yellow would look great. I don't know so much how pink would look though, I guess you'd just have to try it!

    I don't really understand what you mean by backdrop..

    Good luck and congrats!!


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