What is the most expensive country in the world to buy red roses

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What is the most expensive country in the world to buy red roses?

The Saudi authorities have banned the sale of gifts for Valentine's Day, a date considered ”anti -Islamic” to ”encourage extramarital affairs”. What happens when you can’t buy something from the store but you need to buy it? A black market emerges.

The red color excellence Valentine stands these days of persecution in Saudi Arabia. Religious authorities in this country have banned the sale of gifts on the occasion of Valentine's Day, especially red roses, the price on the black market has increased ten fold.

Local media quoted by the British broadcaster BBC on its website that police say walking these days before the popular celebration gift shops to ”warn" their employees to stop selling all red items including flowers and wrapping paper.

According to the BBC, the Valentine, among other annual events, is considered” anti -Islamic” because it involves promoting extramarital affairs, which is punishable by law in this country. The ones who want to give roses to their loved ones, won’t stop. The black market is doing its thing to sell at premium.

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