I didn’t get any text message does anyone love me

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I didn’t get any text message does anyone love me

To cement a personal relationships people still need to resort to traditional methods, such as royal gifts, paper charts, and telephone conversations. Physical contact is important, but when it is impossible there are always webcams, whose use in a relationship is actually falling. We found that people are becoming shy about using these devices because they believe it is important not see their partners for some time. Time away normally brings people closer.

Fact is that there is something special based solely on the text messages. It triggers some kind of visual memory in our brain that makes people horny.

Data on mobile phone operators seem to confirm the taste for love written statements. In the UK, for example, the February 14, sees 178 million mobile - text messages compared to 50 or 55 million are made in that country on a normal day.

This figure multiplied by six the greeting card sent by traditional means, and increases by 37 % the number of SMS messages sent on the same day last year, according to AFP ensures collecting information from the Mobile Data Association, an organization without profit organization that studies the evolution of this type of communication.

So if you didn’t get any text messages on valentine day, it means you are alone, you need a lover, if not in real life than on the internet. Sending yourself a message, doesn’t count. If you want to know how to the right move, maybe you should send someone a message telling them they look so hot.

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