Valentine day gift idea for your mistress

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Valentine day gift idea for your mistress. I know everyone is looking for a valentine gift idea for your wife, girlfriend but what i want to know is this:

What gift can you give to your mistress who spends lot more time with you than your wife. I work about 60-80 hours a week and business is doing great. As the business started to do well and we made more money, my wife got too busy with her shopping and kitty parties. My executive assistance was always there, spending long hours with me at the office, helping me out.

The first three years it was all professional and then one day, she slipped and was about to fall. Good thing i was standing right there and was able to help her from falling flat on her face.

That is the first time i notice how pretty and fit she was. One thing led to another and before you know it we started to have a relationship. My wife either doesn't care or doesn't have the time to care.

This is going to be my first valentine with her and i would like to give her a gift that she will really enjoy.

If anyone else has bought a good valentine gift for their mistress please share your ideas.

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