Im having a Valentines day wedding?

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what colors should i use for the tables and chair covers? I'm going to use red but where(table cloth or chair cover) and what other color should I use. My bridesmaids are wearing red dresses and I will be wearing a Light gold dress. But remember its valentines day.




  1. I would do Red and Black with alot of sparkle!

    I don't like Red and White it is so 80's looking to me!

  2. that is such a cute idea!!!!! i think you should do a very soft pink and white but its ur day!!! do what you want

  3. I didn't get married on Valentine's Day, but my bridesmaids were wearing apple red from David's Bridal.  It's a great holiday to have fun with the decorations.  I would use black, red and white as your colors.  My tables had a black tablecloth with a red diamond accent cloth in the center and white napkins.

    I'm sure there are thousands of red heart decorations you could use to jazz up your reception location. sells these little bags of red/silver confetti hearts.  You could have heart themed favors (candies, lollipops etc), use heart floating candles in water bowls as your center pieces.  

    Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Well Congrats!

    Why don't you do something like this....

  5. I think red and black look very nice.

  6. I would add black, possibly pink, and some gold to this mix. For tables I'd say white, it's just more triditonal and nice looking to me, without there being too much red in the mix.  

  7. Try something like this:

    Or to incorporate your gold color with Red.

    This is also very beautiful:

  8. the typical valentine's bride would do red and white...but it's a new day you should go with red table cloths and silver chair covers (not the foil paper looking silver, more like the shear white shimmery glam silver). You can play up your gold dress with light gold accessories or gold glitter (confetti) on the tables.

  9. red and white are traditional v day colors! i've seen red tableclothes over white with red chair covers. really pretty. good luck and congrats!!!

  10. you could add pink in the mix of red and white

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