Unique ideas for wedding passages?

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I'm looking for some passages to be read at a wedding. Trouble is, I don't like all of the sappy traditional type poems and so forth. I was trying to find something appropriate possibly written by the likes of Vonnegut, Camus, Kafka, Sartre, Nietzsche, etc. More morose authors would also be welcome (dependent on their appropriateness), like Plath or Salinger. I want a realistic depiction of what love is. Any ideas?




  1. Yes.  I included in my vows the idea that love is not some flowery ideal but rather ... shoot can't remember exactly ... something like a mighty sword, swinging this way and that, exposing truths both welcome and unwelcome -

    Ya that captures it.  It does to.  Love exposes your buried stuff - denials, delusions, etc.

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