99 treats of a person who wins people, money and love

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99 treats of a person who wins people, money and love. The leaders, CEO's, presidents or those who are rich and are liked by others, what do they have that makes them that way. How can a normal person learn the secrets of those who win the battle of life. I ask everyone to please help me build this 99 things of special people. What the chosen ones do is known by those around them. Let's see if we can build something special and useful.

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  1. 1. A person who becomes a leader to successful starts off as a normal person just like anyone else.  Along the way the envirnoment and life experiences mold their future.  The biggest advantage a person who makes it and who doesn't is the "Oppertunity". Those who take advantages of life oppertunities are the ones who win people, earn lots of money and find love.

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