How to make money from your ex on Valentine’s day

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How to make money from your ex on Valentine’s day

You are no longer with the person, things have changed and both of you moved on. What can you do to make sure, you make the best of what is still left behind from the relationship. What can you do to make money from what is left behind?

A survey of the eBay website reveals that one in four people end up auctioning gifts from former partners

One in four people would make some extra money from the gifts their ex gave them last year Valentine’s Day by selling it on ebay. A study conducted by the auction site Ebay has concluded that the main reason to sell the gift that was given to you by your ex was to earn money (35%). Forget the bad memories would be second with 34 %. Less spiteful is 27 %, which means you would pamper yourself with money you get from selling the gift. The most practical are (19%) would use the money to buy a gift for your current partner. Revenge is the reason 18% of the sellers would sell gifts from ex.

The issue is no small feat, as the auction site states that the average value of the gifts is $250.

would you sell gifts from your ex, please participate below?

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