Do japanese men have small penises?

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  1. so you guys have small penises or what? mine=5in im 13yrs old


  2. Small Body = Small p***s


  3. very. i kno my college friend bog hong has one the size of a watermelon. compared to my girlfriends, its puny. mine is very round. my friends would describe it as squishy, purple, and yellow, cuz i have jaundice. and blond hair. so it looks like a shaggy dog. they say it smells like peanut butter, with a hint of chocolate, much like reese cups. its the prize cantalope in the fruit basket of my class. but overall, yes ching chong hong kong yi ghing japanese men have small wienies.  like cocktail wienies. i dont like cocktail wienies. i like watermelons

  4. Yes especial this boy named Yohei. It's tiny! the size of my pinky... and my pinky is really small!

  5. Yes, I am African American living in Japan and I am intimate with a Japanese male.  He has a very small p***s but, it is not getting in the way of pleasurable times with him.

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