Is there a definite reason for male nipples?

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Is there a definite reason for male nipples?




  1. All embryos' chromosomes at first are XX. The Y chromosome replaces one of the X chromosomes later on.

  2. To the top three answerers...are you sure? I and women both have eyes????

  3. yea most guys are very stimulated on their nipples and we love it.

  4. Other than the fact that they are pleasure spots for many men, there is no reason for men to have nipples.  We just have them.  The genetic stuff has already been address by others here.

  5. all men have nipples because everyone is born a girl. the Y chromosome. the egg in the mother has X chromosomes which means it's like half female. when the sperm enters the egg, it either carries an X chromosome or Y chromosome. XX makes a girl, XY makes a boy but both start off from the same base, the X chromosome. that is y men have nipples just like women (but men don't have b*****s)

  6. There's not a "reason" for male nipples.  Both boys and girls start out with a basic body plan.  Different groups of tissue develop into different structures because of the s*x.  Both boys and girls have that basic nipple structure, it's part of the standard body plan.  In girls, the tissue develops further into mammary glands and milk ducts, in boys it stays with the basic plan.

  7. Residual sexual trait from in the womb. We all start off with a s*x k**b which will develop into either a p***s or a clitoris depending on whether or not testosterone is present. Also ovaries and testicles are the same essential parts in the beginning. So being that men don't nurse and can't lactate (except in rare cases) male nipples are just decor.

  8. They develop them because all embryos are female.

    Its not until later that the develop male genitalia.

    Whats with the thumbs down? Im only 14!! Im tryin here!!

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