Physical pain suffered by grown men and cry?

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Have you ever seen your dad, husband or grown man ( 18) to cry cause of physical pain? if so, which was the cause?

- please, describe how old he was when the fact happened (I don't mean permanent injuries, but, for ex., broken arm, leg, ligament...)

- describe if he broke like a crybaby or just tears

- describe detailing the fact (what happened)

- if the person felt humiliated to be seen crying

- if that happened to you too, (just if u are man)

- please, don't forget the age of the injured person

- to be honest, If I saw my father cause of physical pain, that might impress me...........

- moreover, I don't know why but I think that a 40 y.o. man can stand physical pain better than a younger man or older

I don't want to offend real suffering people cause of bad illness or permanent, I don't mean that kind of pain.




  1. Yes, physical pain can usually be fought through and not result in any shedding of tears.

    In our society, males are expected to be tough in the face of pain and are not usually given the latitude of crying or expressing genuine emotion during this type of ordeal.

    I, personally, can usually withstand physical pain without expressing much emotion.  However, I must admit that I have broken down in the past when I was presented with an intractable physical injury.

    I know that I shouldn't feel embarrassed by my reaction, but I do.

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