Pc doesnt let me download any programs!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!?

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does anybody know y my pc doesnt let me download any programs well it says file done and i click to open it and it says some **** and it didnt download it anybody no why?????????? if do PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!1




  1. What does this have to do with men's health? Are you downloading a medical chart of a p***s or something?

  2. your in the wrong section of yahoo answers to get p.c. help buddy.

  3. ah id say thats a boll okz, chances are ur pc: hates u, is f**ked, anti-virus is in the way, u arent installing it right.... or ur just a complete noob.

  4. Address your question in a forum directed more to your problem.

    This is Men's Health.

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