What is your embarrasing masturbation story?

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ever been caught or did something stupid?




  1. well its not that embrassing but one night i was masterbarting i took a shower after it i thought the smell was off my fingers but it was in the nail so i was in class and this kid was bugging me so i tried to smack him, but my finger got on his teeth and he said "eeew she dips up her p***y" lol no one even really cared everyone looked for a secnd then want back o there bussiness

  2. MOST EMBARRASSING STORY EVER: I was a freshemen in high school. 15 years old.I was so horn* during school one day. So I went to the bathroom ( I always have a mini tube of lotion/moisturizer for my eczema) and started to jerk it. So I was in the middle of doing it, but little did I know, the school dean happened to come in. I don't know how long he was standing there, but the whole time, he must have been curious when he kept hearing the sound of rubbing lotion and my constant breathing. So after I cleaned up, I walk out and the dean is right out there and he is one tough cookie. He didn't say anything to me and I didn't say anything back. So I just went and washed my hands and left. I was so humiliated at the situation and I couldn't focus the next 4 classes and I was just trying to avoid him. So later in the day, I bump into him in the hallway, and he said about before, just wanted to make sure, it was men stuff, right? I reply: yes. it was. The next year, he retired. But nothing to do with me. He was planning on it. I heard it from the beginning. But so awkward.

  3. ewww i don't do that that is nasty.  

  4. I let the cat out of the bag on the "secret sauce".

  5. me and my best friend were looking at p**n and holding each others c***s when his parents came home. they didnt catch us cause we were able to pull up our pants and turn the p**n off but he both had bulges in our pants when his mom walked in. i dont think she noticed but watever

  6. First time I did it, j!zz in my hand, I thought, "This is going to make rich."

    6 years later, here I am, on Yahoo! Answers.

  7. Ok well heers a funny story:

    My bf was sticking a vibrator in me and my other friend was rubbing my C**t then i c*mmed all over= my parents bed! then my parents came in so we took a old cup of coffe spilled it on their bed got dressed and told them that we accidently spilled coffe on there bed , "since we were making them coffe and dicided to leave it in their room" they beleived us too!!

  8. lol audriana is definitely lying....

  9. was a couple of weeks ago in school .. i gt well h**ny over this girl at ma school. so i went in 4 a w**k in the toilet and ma m8 kinda caught me in the act lmao...and he was u doin ?????   ;-p

    p.s. i just carried on .. i ***** be bothered lol!!

  10. I was 13 years old and was masturbating several times a day each and every day. For lube, I used whatever lotion was under the sink. One day I was back in the bathroom for another jerk off session and didnt look at the bottle i grabbed from under the sink. My attention was devoted to the Marky Mark ad I was using as inspiration. I lubed myself up and suddenly felt a horrible burning all where I had put the lotion. I looked at the bottle which just happened to be Nair Hair Removal Lotion. I rinsed it off as fast as I could but my p***s was so tender I wasnt able to jerk off for several days

  11. Audrria C is a lier....dumb blondes these days

  12. sorry... no stories from me

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