Why Do Some People Use C*ckrings, and do they do any harm?

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Why Do Some People Use C*ckrings, and do they do any harm?




  1. as you get older, and your bloodflow isn't as good as when you are young, a ******** does help.  Even if you're not older, they do tend to keep the blood trapped and give you the biggest erection you'll ever have.

    There are dangers in using them:  you can crush blood vessel walls with them.  The first time I used one, it took forever for my erection to go down even enough to get the thing off.  I had a 'bruise ring' from where the ring had gone into the skin enough to cause bruising.  Now, that was a metal ring.  If you use a rubber one, they do tend to stretch a bit.  Don't use a silicone ring==they're too stretchy.  I recommend leather, metal, or rubber rings.

  2. no they don't cause harm they help you stay stimulated longer so you can pleasure the girl for longer and make her happy  i like using them they make you go for longer and also feel really good.  another good thing is a vibrating condom they feel really good too and also do the same thing by making you last longer

  3. I like seeing the Turgid state of my hung p***s and the largerness when erect.

    I use it, due to age and other situations, to keep an erection.

    Yes, they can do harm - wearing it for more than the recommended 30 minutes can lead to weakened blood vessels therefore causing weaker erections in the future.

    unsolicited information:

    there are various types of c0ckrings - metal (ouch), velcro, leather with snaps or velcro, neoprene (?), rubber/silicone.

  4. i never even heard of one what r they?

  5. Like everyone else has said, mostly to keep blood in your erection so you don't lose it and to make you last longer. You can also get rings that vibrate, so that's good for both of you.

    They also make your c**k look brilliant, all veiny and massive, so i guess they're good for the ego too

  6. yeah, it's used to maintain your erection.. also, it's like when you clamp down on your wrist and pump your hand, your hand gets all veiny right.. same thing happens to your weiner.. it gets all engorged with blood and looks monsterous. But make sure to get one with a quick release.. otherwise you'll have to take an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

  7. My husband likes to wear a c*ckring sometimes.  It helps him stay harder by keeping his f******n pulled tighter and uncover his glans a little. He's never complained about it hurting.  

  8. you wear one so you can last longer. my boyfriend uses one and they work great! it also holds your erection so you dont lose it half way through  

  9. No harm whatsoever.

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