Accidentally cut skin near p***s hole ?

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I masturbated a little hard this morning and later today noticed I have a small, almost microscopic cut near my p***s hole (sounds stupid but I don't know the correct term.) I noticed a little blood going into the hole but the cut is outside it. It doesn't hurt, and I took a shower and the blood went away and its not bleeding. Should I do anything or will it heal on its own?




  1. might wanna put a little neosporin or something like that on it and make sure to keep it clean, but it should heal just fine

  2. Hehe you masterbated this morning......thanks for being so open and horny ;-)  

  3. you will be fine in a few days.

  4. you shouldn't need to do anything.  I wouldn't jerk it for about four days or so, to give it time to heal.

    Are you uncut?  You may have ripped the frenulum just a little.  

  5. It should heal like any other cut but if you feel there is something wrong consult a doctor

  6. Darling, you'll be fine!!

    Just give it a rest for a bit.

    And if it stings when you pee make sure you drink plenty of water to dilute the pee.

    I did the same to my man, but not with my hand!! LOL

    C x*x

  7. Sounds like an abrasion, perhaps from chafing.  You probably don't have anything to worry about, as long as you take care to keep the area cleaned. It should heal like any other wound, and you may also want to lay off the masturbation for a while, at least until it heals completely.

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