What are ways that you can tell a guy really likes you?

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What happens when a guy sees a girl he really likes? I know some of it but not all.




  1. i agree with the eye contact. men need approval...all men...its in our genes. so if he's trying to make you laugh or impress u or anything to make u smile or proud of him, he's urs

  2. he winks or flirts or jokes or looks deep into the eyes or maybe just said he likes u?

  3. he really wants to spend alot of time woth you. he rather be with you then with his friends. thats what i do with this girl i like right now

  4. check 2 c if he has a *****

  5. he will hang out with you alot, mabe send you mixed messages with compliment, he will hug you alot, and he will try to get you alone alot.

  6. If he looks directly into your eyes for prolonged time.  Thats all you need to know.  Guys always limit eye contact unless they are flirting.

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