What type of pillow is better to m********e on?

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I've been using my pilllow a normal sized one, because my hand doesn't work, I'm 14, and which is better, a normal sized pillow, a body pillow, or a bed cover?




  1. this is what i do get on of those little spiky rubber balls they strech and you can turn them inside out buy one of those probly like 5 bucks top take it spikes on the inside pour a little lube inside take your pillow then wrap the ball inside of the pillow making sure the hole is reachable and enjoy it feels sooooo goood trust me then all you have to do is wash it out and your good to go agen

    good luck

  2. My goodness. Horny-ness seems to be taking over young males. Can't you all just wait until it's a right time to have s*x and do it the old fashioned way? If not and the hand method doesn't seem to work for you... I guess try the pillow thing... Haha. At least your pillow can't get pregnant. One less worry.

    Have fun ;-)

  3. lol

    m********e with a pillow?

    the mental image is funny to me

  4. You should have buttsex with your best bud.

  5. you can m********e with a pillow? who knew?

  6. a pillow is good but a man is better! tho u are 14 i advise you not to have s*x yet (and if your an animal get yo man to use protection) a good way to m********e is too read s*x stories,hump things,vibrators (or substitutions), look at pron or maybe even watch a porno (that alwayz turns me on, one time i was watching p**n and my bf came over and just gave it to me hard

  7. What ever feels good.

  8. All this time I thought those were slobber stains, haha!  I'll never sleep on a hotel pillow again..

  9. I have a couple of friends who m********e that way.  I would say a body pillow or a bed cover -- but whatever makes your p***s feel good for you is the right answer.  If it makes you feel good and it makes you shoot -- then its good.

    Be happy, you are wonderful.

    Kind thoughts,


    PS Ignore the idiots.  Masturbation does no harm at all -- only good things.  The myth about it causing blindness died a hundred years ago, I thought -- but apparently not.  It is good for you, helps prevent prostate cancer, and does no harm.


  10. what ever works for you.  I've tried different size pillows, a sock, and even putting lube in a baggie and putting that between the box springs and matress.  it's all good.

  11. Sad to hear about your hand not working. Were you in an accident or something?

    I recommend that you stop masturbating completely as it can make you go blind.

    Then you would be a blind guy with no working hands. That would be sad.

  12. What works for you, but dont overdo it on harsh surfaces! Choose something soft. You can use some lubricant or try with a condom so that you learn about their usage too... but when you feel ready hit on a girl...dont have s*x immediately... let it roll... but protect your self! dont rub against anything hard!!!

  13. Someone else's.

  14. One you're not gonna be sleeping on; not the sofa cushions.

    Heck it sounds like you already have your ideas working.

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