Does it look like I'm too skinny?

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I hate being skinny and i feel like I'm a stick haha. Please give me your opinions. I don't want to appear unhealthy or anything. I just turned 19, 5'10", and about 150lbs i think. Thanks!!!




  1. Dont worry!  You look hot!

  2. Dude, your fine! Just do some toning exercises and you'll fill out even better! Be glad your not fat! It's harder to work off then building muscle!

  3. i think your fine, its just your build!  nothing wrong there, youre just young

  4. you fine just gain a bit more weight not to much

  5. Sorry,but the link is no good :tried several times.

    So cannot give you a straight answer.


  6. well u are quite skinny, but if ur happy like that then nothing else matters

  7. You are perfect.  Do not worry about trying to gain weight.  That will come naturally when you get into your 30's.  Stay in good shape, run get a lot of cardio vascular excercise.  Lift weights you will be great but you will not need to put on more weight.

  8. uhh u need to gain some muscle man

  9. damnnnn ur a hottie

    dont change babe ;]

  10. no, that is a hot body!

  11. nah your cute :))

  12. you look just fine.

    my son was built just like you. when he entered his 20's, his chest got bigger and his shoulders filled out.

    so don't will grow later on

  13. you are just fine

  14. No, you're just fine. Blame a fast metabolism for the inability to gain weight. There are plenty of guys even slimmer than you, so don't worry about it.

  15. Yeah man you look ripped but skinny people always do. When you gain muscle it becomes harder to have that ripped look. You need to gain a lot of weight.

  16. nooo, skinny boys like that are totally hot.

    especially if they are tall.

    no joke. i love them  

  17. dude your body looks like how mine does -- even though i work out and stuff -- i dont really gain that much muscle

    but i dont eat lots of muscle gain or do lots of heavy weight lifting -- which is something i think we would have to do to get ripped

  18. You have a very s**y bodie (nice abs)

  19. no, you look fine.  I was 5'11" and weighed 160 when I was your age.

    nice body, by the way.

  20. You look dam good to me.  

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