How much would it be for me to get the bodice of my wedding dress altered?

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My wedding dress fits perfect and is beautiful - except it goes all the way up to the nap of my neck in the back. I was thinking of having the back made into more of a scoop and widening out the neckline so it exposes a little of my shoulders. It is made from streach crushed velvet. A little bit of lace would have to be moved and filled in. I have 4 weeks till the wedding. Is this feasable? What do you think it would cost?




  1. go ahead it will look even more beautiful

  2. Yes it is possible to have this done.  This is considered redesigning or restyling of a wedding dress.

    You must locate a wedding dressmaker to do this for you.  A wedding dress alterations specialist may or may not be able to do it.  

    The cost will vary depending on where you live.  Call around and get estimates.  I usually do jobs like this between $50 to $150. Price depends on fabric used and the amount of difficulty involved.  I have a home based business which means I don't have to charge as much as a shop that has higher overhead expenses.  

    This can be done within a 4 week time frame. But the closer you get to your wedding day, the less likely you will find someone to do this.  

  3. It really depends on the detail work on the bodice.  With that said, what you are saying sounds like it could be very expensive.  And I'm not certain that the lace fill in is even possible (might be, but I'm not certain).

    I'm no expert, but from what I've seen and heard, that would be several hundred dollars probably.

  4. Because you need it done fairly quickly, it could cost more and because of the special request, it could cost more.Is there beading on the back as well? That will also make it more expensive... You could be looking at $200-300 is my estimate. Sounds like it could be kinda complicated.  

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