Valentines day ideas (I'm starting early)?

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OK, 2009 will be the first Valentines day I'm actually with someone on.

I know my boyfriend will probably get me chocolate, because I absolutly love the stuff.

But he doesn't like chocolate, and I'm not sure what I can get him that involves his interests that is also romantic... he's into videogames, starwars, karate, etc etc.

My romantic side is telling me to turn up on his doorstep holding one of these... (See below link)

I also have a little silver heart in a silver box which says 'yours' on it that I am going to give him.

But what else can I do for valentines day? What can I do that involves his interests if anything?

What do you think of my ideas so far?

Thank you! :)




  1. Oh my what a big heart you have! - lol

    Cute, and it will definitely get the message across.

    Since you are getting an early start, take pictures, save ticket stubs and menus from your dates to make a scrap book.

  2. do color phasing hearts they are awesome and animated texts are cool to

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