Need cute ideas for Valentines Day?

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I would like to give something cute to my preschoolers (age 3) for Valentines Day. Any ideas?




  1. Make a big card that they can all draw a picture in of something they love, that'd be sweet.

  2. try the card making ideas for their parnets

  3. A dead frog?

  4. try

    so many ideas and themes to choose from. amazing site!

  5. You may like to give them some chocolates... wrap them up with a transparent wrapping paper... tie it up with a small ribbon... you can also tie a small card together with it...

  6. When i was little i loved recieving candy bags and little cool toys.

  7. Give the girls stuffed animals or girly stuff & candy in a Valentines bag, and the boys toys & candy in a Valentines bag. It doesn't sound like a good idea but I know they'll love it!!

  8. When my frother was little I remember them having little mailboxes, and everyone in the class would bring in card or soft candy for every person in the class. Then the teacher gave them all little teddy bears(at that age boys don't care if what they're getting is a stuffed animal). Hope this helps!

  9. Soft red candy hearts. or liek small teddy bears that are red. theyre nice for lil kids

  10. I used to work at a preschool, I know these things.

    One year, I gave my kids the sweethearts candy...then we glued them on a BIG pink piece of paper in the letters LOVE. The parents all loved it. If kids also make cards for their parents with notes about why they love them inside, parents will love you even more..! If you need any help, contact me!


    try the link below

  11. Last year for Valentines Day my 3 year old came home with a valentine from her teacher that had a picture of them together and a lollipop. She was so excited to have a picture of "Miss J" that she could have cared less about the rest of the stuff.

    Here are some cute ideas for making your own cards:

  12. I think you should your kids make a heart for their parents [ Cut red fabric into hearts, take white fabic cut into hearts and glue it to the middle of the red heart, and write the-r names on the back with type - then let them write their names on the white heart- finally let them draw or make what ever they want to make for their parents and make them give it to them for Valentines Day presents!!!

  13. my cousin gave me this project that they made in class last year.

    they just had them cut out a big heart and then get a family picture in the middle. they decorated the heart with markers & crayons. it was really cute because it was handmade and it had a family picture in it. and it was easy because all they have to do it put a pic in the middle and scribble on the heart :D

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