Do you like this bridal hair clip?

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I found this clip and can't make up my mind about it. I was thinking of having my hair up similar to this style. How do you think it would look with a veil? I am after something a little modern.

Thanks in advance!




  1. i dont like it. it actually looks old lady to me :-/ sorry

  2. What a great hairpiece!  Go with the veil... find a way to make it work... you'll regret it some day if you don't...  

  3. I don't personally like it and think you wouldn't be able to see it with a veil on.  

  4. I think it's pretty. won't be too noticeable underneath a veil but if you put the veil underneath the curls then they'll both look fine together.

    remember-it's your day so regardless of what we tell you-do what you want!!

    put your veil something like this will the hairclip-it will look SO pretty!!


  5. it's different.

    do you like it that's all that matters =)

  6. my honest opinion:  I'm not a huge fan, I don't think it's very attractive and doesn't add anything to the updo.  I think it would look awful beneath a veil.  

  7. ..not a huge fan. It could work though, some things you have to see on the person. I think its too delicate to see through a veil.

    I'm not sure I'd call it modern either. I think its awkward and old fashioned.

    Just my opinion, it might look amazing when its all together with the rest of your outfit

  8. Nope, don't like it.  Definitely would not show up well under a veil, either.

  9. not sure about on the side. but i think if it would work centerd in the back it would look fine  

  10. Nooooooo

  11. I think it is different and unique. It would have to go with the dress... But I think it is something i've never seen before.

  12. Shindig.  

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