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friends, I'm in such a pathetic situation right now.. I've been calling a girl since 1year.. She has influenced me in many areas. It now seems like I've found my love and more than that.. I want to ask her to marry me.. I've never met her in person.. Still feels like she's the one for me.. I do not know how to express my feelings.. Two days back she played around telling her marriage will be happening within 1 year.. I was so confused and it was then I felt that I can't live without her.. Later she told me that she was kidding and just playing around.. But her kidding has now put me in this situation.. What should I do??




  1. Dude meet her!

  2. You should meet her before you ask her to marry you.

  3. You should tell her that you are starting to feel very serious about the relationship you have and want to know if she feels the same way.

    Tell her that she has really touched your heart and that you and she will have to meet in person. Then make arrangements and save your money and meet in a neutral place with another person like your brother and her mom.

    Then go to lunch and see if the sparks fly.

  4. Vamy, I would meet her in person before you make the choice to ask her to marry you.  

  5. Try meeting her in person before you worry about getting married. You need to spend some real-life time together  and actually date before you think about anything else.

    Right now, you have only seen her at her best - people can put on any personal they want on-line or over the phone. You need to see her on a day-to-day basis to decide if you really like her, much less love her.

  6. the person you are on paper, or on the phone is not the person in real life. the media whether you go through phone, email, etc.. allows you to express feeling you keep deep inside & allows you to share with that person all of the things that you think you are. but unfortunately we are all perceived differently that in person. you need to meet her, date her, get to know the girl in real life situation before you are stuck with a pen-pal in your home!

  7. calling her? do you know her in real life?

    well, meet her in real life!

    for me, i can only know my true feelings for someone, when im right in front of them and looking their eyes  

  8. I am confused? How did you get to know her? If you haven't met her, then you must to find out what she is really like. She may not seem the same in person. So, ask her if you can meet.

  9. If for any reason at all she has mental issues like bipolar disorder, A.D.D. or if she isn't close to family. DON'T DO IT! I MEAN IT WITH ALL MY HEART. DON'T MARRY THIS WOMAN. YOU WILL REGRET EVER MEETING HER IF SHE HAS ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS. If she is mentally COMPLETELY healthy, then ok ask her.

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