Diet tips and weight loss ideas for Valentine day parties

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Hello community, Diet tips and weight loss ideas for Valentine day parties. I am looking to really have fun this coming valentine day but i don't want to gain weight. We normally have lots of food parties but this year i am getting married and don't want to gain additional weight.

I'm 33 years old, 1.50 m and was 63.7 kg but last year i worked hard and got myself at 45-50 kg. So can you please give me Tips on how I can eat on all the valentine parties but still not gain weight.

Please provide ideas on to eat the deserts but still pack nothing on my thighs. If you can provide Food ideas that make you thin, i will add them to the menu. The parties will start from next week.

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  1. Tina Marshal

    Eat as much as you want but make sure you count calories.  Drink lots of water, add fruites to the desert and it should fill you more.

    Don't sit down right after eating, take at least 40 steps before sitting down. 

  2. Hi of Janicees is but not soo bad but still a tip for you: sports, healthy diet (fruit, vegetables, a chocolate maybe against an Apple trade ;-)) and perhaps even at home do yoga or something similar! if you don't like these things, then LG, Teddy chocolate go to WeightWatchers (but probably you are still too young))

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