What will you do if the only person who can stop you from crying is the same person who makes you cry?

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What will you do if the only person who can stop you from crying is the same person who makes you cry?




  1. I don't put up with a lot of c**p or let guys make me cry. That is why I left everyone else and am now happily married to my husband.

    Your relationship should not cause you a lot of pain. Be with someone who makes you dance and sing, not cry.

  2. See a therapist.

  3. That is been "pasive agressive", Dump him, or her.  It's time!

  4. You stop being such a cliche, and learn to deal with your problems on your own.

  5. Well, I would try to accept the reason why I am crying. I would just say to my self that these are my "rainy days" and I would pray that one day the sun would shine on me and from that I would bloom and grow.  With every experience good or bad we all grow from it.  It is just apart of life.  Without those "rainy days" we wouldn't be able to a human-being.  I going through that right now.

  6. cry.

    matters of the hearts aren't something that words can heal.  instead of looking for answers here try to find inner peace and look into the future to see that there is something better coming soon.  breakdown as many times as you need to let it all out.  after the storm there must be calm.

  7. I totally feel the same exact way right now!! It sucks.. but Im trying to move on and not seeing them or talking to them has helped a lot. It hurt at first.. but over time its gets a lot easier if I dont think about him and just hang out with other people and do stuff that makes me happy. Good luck.. I kno the pain!

  8. Well, I married him.  It's worked for us for over 20 years too.  

  9. Interesting, this happened to me after we were married. Husband is my best friend - my beef was with him, and I didn't want to take the problems outside to anyone else. So, the only mature thing was to deal with him, obviously - and in fact, it worked out amazingly well - because although he was the one who did me wrong, he was also the one who soothed me.

  10. I would be wondering why and how the person made me cry, then once all is sorted I would prob come to the conclusion that we are all human and we all make mistakes .

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