How do i stop getting an erection in the morning

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How do i stop getting an erection in the morning




  1. I don't think you can stop what's super-natural.

    I don't get morning woodies but my cousin used to get them all the time...well, he told me about them anyway.

    But it's normal. It might be embarrassing if you have someone witness it when you get up.

    Try not to worry about it. It could be so much worse.

  2. You mean ,when you wake up,you already have one?

    That is a normal thing Called a morning wood.

    I can give a lecture about the why etc .But it is normal.


  3. Wake up next to an ugly woman. That will do the trick.

  4. castration

  5. Sleep during the day and you'll have an erection in the evening.

  6. you can't so just enjoy them

  7. s*x Change!

  8. Maybe try masturbating before you go to bed?  No clue... worth a try and would be enjoyable!

  9. its probably natural but............dont think of any sexual activity or girls or anyhting.

  10. Morning wood is largely caused by a full bladder, so I suppose if you were _really_ desperate to avoid it, you could set your alarm clock to wake you up ever three hours or so during the night just to pee.

    Seems pretty extreme to me.

    As others have said, it's a natural thing, so don't sweat it. In fact, in a few decades you're almost certain to miss morning erections, so enjoy the feeling while you can!

  11. I do that a lot and its normal, having an erection probably means that you have to go to the toilet as your bladder is full-or it could be because you were thinking of something which makes you get a *****! But this is perfectly normal so don't worry man!

  12. theres no way u can stop it dude. u cant help what ur body does when ur sleepin or what ur mind thinks abouit. its normal for all guys especialy when were young. so if ur like afraid someone will see it just try 2 hide it. and the best way 2 get rid of it is masturbatting it.

  13. Why would you want to get rid of it?

    When you get over 50 years old, you are going to miss it and want it badly.

    It only means your equipment works well; yous should be happy about it; and your partner (if you have one) too.

  14. You can't

  15. hey its natural...why are u so worried about it?

  16. you cant it happens to every man

  17. You can't.

  18. it happens to every guy

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