How to deal with my girlfriend issues?

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how can i relive stress with my girlfriend it seems we have hit a so called rough patch recently and right now she is pmsing and i think that that is the problem but again we argue on and off and i constantly cry over her and i stress out over the fact of others guys flirt with her all the time esspecily in front of me or do "stuff to her" or want to do things to her such as phone s*x and fingering her and many other things and im really worried about my relationship cause i really care about this girl but am very stressed out and cant think right i dont know wat i should do in this situation so if u can plz help me.




  1. Go with the guy that said to dragon kick her in the ovaries, best advice I've seen on all of Yahoo Answers.

  2. she might just want you to push up on her a little bit more if she flirting back that why sometims girls do that what there not satified in that way. maybe try it and see

  3. Punch her

  4. When someone says they want to phone s*x or finger her, punch them. Then make her give you head.

  5. girls sometimes dont feel very loved, and it is why there might be tension coming from her side.

    start to do little things like spend $5 to buy her chocolates each week - or a little bunch of flowers. do little things like write her a letter telling her how much you care for her.

    she will act better. im sure. even tell her you cry over her.

    also, try to not upset yourself so much if other men look at her and try to hit on her. if you give her all the emotional support etc that she needs, she wont look elsewhere

  6. break up & if she's seriously in love with you it'll bother her so as soon as she realizes she come back to you  

  7. dragon kick her in the ovaries. i hate girls like that.

  8. If she is allowing guys to openly flirt with her, finger her and have phone s*x. Then she is not really into you.

    I think it's time for you to find a new girl. You'll be happier.

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