How big does it grow per year?

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How big does the average p***s grow per year?




  1. my p***s gets erect atleast 14 times an hour so per year i'd probably say i grow OVER 9000 feet.

  2. Doesnt grow if u have micropenis  

  3. you're probably worried about how big yours is - it's about how you use man. Average length for *fully grown* male is 6 inches erect - mopst people lie and add a couple of inches when asked so don't worry about what people say ^^

  4. Dude stop measuring and be happy with what you have

  5. it all depends on the age you are...during puberty the growth rate is much higher than other years...also a p***s doesn't stop growing until the mid twenties so if you are worried about size now, i would just wait and see...

  6. it duznt... it grows once during puberty, for a few months...

  7. Well, many factors come in here.

    How big are you currently?

    How old are you?

    Did you stat puberty?

    Are you out of puberty?

    Then, everyone's different on top of it.

    So, if i were you, i'd stroke what you have, and be happy with it, cause it's not like it's two inches a year...

  8. it varies, but penises stop growing when a man turns 17

  9. well mines grown at about a rate of 1 inch per year since i was 15 and im 21 now

  10. mine sorta shrinks and shrivels...

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