Should i start masturbation?

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Wel, im almost 13 and i masturbated lik 3 weeks ago and it kinda hurt but i realized it was only becuase i was doing it too fast and hard so im thinking of starting again. But i also dont want to because there are so many people saying that they need help trying to stop because they arent focusing enough on other things? what should i do??




  1. yes start and go to this web page

    masturbation is a great strees relife

    and you cant do it to much so every thing is okay

  2. Trust me bro. Its normal what you are thinking, but just let the urges come to you naturally. Don't get caught up in all that p**n stuff though. I did that for 3 years of my life and it really messed me up. There is no "Time Limit" for when you should start either. Everything will be fine if you just wait.

  3. Masturbation is a personal preference to some extent.  However, the real answer is you have started, and you will never be able to stop.  So give up trying that. Another fact is the the more you do it the better it is for you.  There is no stopping and no turning back.

    Its like not eating...

    Enjoy it and relax cause everyone os doing it...


  4. GO FOR IT BRO!!! really, its up 2 u if u want 2 or not. actually i lied. now that uve done it b4, give up on stopping. u may b uncomfortable with doing it at first but ull learn 2 LOVE it. always use lube or ull chafe. hand lotion or vasoline work great.

  5. it is kinda up to you. But you probably don't have any s***n yet which is why it might have hurt a bit.  

  6. DONT.Im 14 and im like addicted.It really is hard to stop.

  7. Yes deffinetly it feels so good and just dont get cought that would be so imberassing but go to for some hot naked chicks and if u dont know a good way how go to they have some good technecs i do it all the time and it is also normal just have fun with it

  8. Stop abusing yourself. It's summer, get outside and do some fun activities.

  9. Ayyy.

    Whatever floats your boat.

  10. ok well i started out just like you m8. you need to know something....


    what ever people tell you!!

    as for your problem of it hurting if you are surcomsized (you have no free skin on the shaft of your p***s then you should be using lube (vasioline or spit)but you can go here:

    they will tell you every thing you need to know :)

    PS you are too young to be ejaculating so it does hurt before orgasim.

    PSS masturbation is like drinking wine do it too mutch then you will ruin your life. do it too little you will die a sad life and you might be one of those people trying to get the schools to not start teaching masturbation.

    PSSS start masturbation BEFORE you get a girlfriend you will less likely get her preagnent that way. go for it m8!

  11. people that have trouble with it dont really, its that they think about s*x so much due to hormones and then they found out how to relieve the tension by masturbation, so they keep doing it, then they blame it on masturbation while its all this, not the act.

  12. uh, yah, i wouldnt stop... its not bad for you, it doesnt hurt if you use lube, and it feels sooo good afterwards. just do it, and enjoy it...

  13. Masturbation is a really beautiful experience, and very good for your health. It also helps you understand how your body responds, which is a great help when you start to have girlfriends.

    PLEASE read this, and be sure to read it all through - the beginning is a bit confusing:

    As for the health benefits, the following is stated in Wikipedia:

    "A 1997 study in the British Medical Journal based upon 918 men age 45-59 found that after a ten year follow-up, men who had fewer orgasms were twice as likely to die of any cause as those having two or more orgasms a week."

    As for what's normal - Jackinworld did a survey of its readers and obtained the following results:

    Average Masturbation Frequencies by Age:

    11: 11.1 times per week

    12: 9.4

    13: 10.6

    14: 10.6

    15: 9.9

    16: 9.6

    17: 9.4

    18: 8.5

    19: 9.3

    This section is helpful too:

    (At the bottom of each page, click on "To next page" until you reach the end of the section).

    People who want to stop have somehow got the idea that masturbation is wrong, or bad for your health; it isn't, and it isn't! Avoid pornography though - it really can mess up your mind.

    If you want to email me about this, you can do so anonymously via Yahoo Answers - click on my name to go to my Profile, then click on email. Good luck!


    I am going to be honest with you dont honestly ruins your life when u realise you cant stop.. its not fun then.

    you dont want to be 58 and jerking off in your bathroom so just dont start now.. Go outside and get ur mide off of it. And ask God for help that helped me.

  15. Get a new hobby, kid!

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