Is it true If you dont use it,you lose it?(If you know what I mean)

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This is geared towards the fellas but ladies feel free to voice your knowledge as well to this clearlly stupid and random question I posted.HAHA!




  1. no it's not true, lol

  2. yes, If you don't use it( I mean year or more) you loose interest and then it snowballs.

    So drive it home

  3. No, it won't fall off at all.  Besides, you are still using it- though perhaps not the use you thought of.  While you are asleep, dreaming- and usually just prior to waking, you will experience regular erections.  And if you can recall your teen years, you already know things can go off quite on their own in the right conditions.  Those nocturnal erections occur your entire life, for the most part- so while you may not actively be using it, the system remains in working order pretty much until you die.  I worked in a nursing home, so I can attest that even fellows in their 80's and 90's, while not sexually active, still have parts attached in working order.  Which by the way, do work in the usual way when the opportunity arises, and I assure you- grannie and grandpa still do find the time.

  4. I lost mine once.  It was back in the summer of 97.  I will never forget it.  It had been a dry year so I decided to change my fortune.  OF course, I look like the love child of Courtney Love and a Monkey's ringhole so it was never going to be easy.  Instead I decided to buy a blow up doll.  Not the cheap stuff mind you, the expensive- life like 'companions.'  Anyway, when 'Susannah' turned up- I named her after Susannah Hoffs from The Bangles- I thought to myself, wow, this is it.  Time for a little spring cleaning.  A little of the ol' Wacky Thacky as it used to be called.

    Anyway, I go to whip out ol Herbie the Love Grub and what do you know, he isn't there.  So I set about looking for the fella.  Turns out he got sick of not being used and jumped the border to Mexico.  Well, after three months of tequila and w*ores, he was a little worse for wear.  So I took him to p***s-Almighty for a little brush up, reattached the fella and me and Susannah have been walking like an Egyptian ever since...  Good times....

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