Does running help give u a six pack?

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Does running help give u a six pack?




  1. Yes, I have always had a sort of 6 pack and after jogging for a few miles every other day they have become much more defined.

    But you have to lose body fat and gain the muscle, so eat plenty of protein (meats, milk) and stay healthy

    good luck


  2. dont know go runnin and find out

  3. yes you will get a six pack but it takes a lot training 6 days a week and you still have to have a low body fat count.  

  4. not as much as doing crunches and sit ups

  5. Well it would help keep your body fat which would make your abs more defined. As far as giving you a six pack,no.

  6. Running can help, but it alone will not get you a six pack. Generally, a man needs to bee under 10 percent and a woman under 14 percent body fat to get a six pack. Ab exercises as well.

  7. no it will burn of fat, but won't build muscles on your abs, i think??

  8. It wont make your abs..but it will burn the fat over whatever ab muscles you do have will show better.

  9. yes it does help but sit up help better

  10. It does if your body is built for it. To get abs you have to go an a strict diet with absolutly no fat in it. To have abs you need to have a lifestyle change. So I wouldn't have my fingers crossed about it, if you just plan on getting one from running.


  11. yea running builds the ab muscle, and also lowers bf. you can get abs from running, but you would have to run frequently and fora long period of time.

  12. a six pack relies on 2 things, your bodyfat level, and the size of your abdominals.

    now running burns calories, this will in turn make you have lower bodyfat considering your diet is right and your not overeating, so yes in that light it does help you get a visible six pack. but it wont do much for your actual abdominal muscle size.

  13. It will make you skinny.  For abs do situps crunches etc.

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