Im having stomach problems , and somethings wrong with me

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Im at 12 year old boy, my stomach has been hurting for two day like every other 5 minutes not a real bad hurt. Anyways i have not had a appetite the last two days. And i have not been pooping right. Help please!




  1. Hi Chase, almost certainly it is because of the antibiotics -- those are standard side effects.  Do NOT stop the antibiotic without a doctor's permission.  Just endure the discomfort and inquire.  I've been there too.


  2. i had the same thing the other week it started not a bad pain coming and going then it was hurting every second so bad i had this for ten days you properly are constipated so eat lots of fruit and vegetable and go on the toilet 10 Min's after your breakfast,lunch and,dinner for 15 Min's on the toilet even if you don't need to go and go to the doctors as soon as you can because the pain is Gunner get worse if you leave it the doctors will give you lactose or you could go down the chemist/pharmacies and get stuff for constipation.

  3. Maybe you`ve eaten something that didin`t agree with you.  go and see the doctor and everything will be fine .

  4. Chase you need to tell you're parents to take you to a DR just to be safe

    in the mean time try to drink juice like apple or grape juice its likely that you are just constipated and you need a good c**p lol

    but im serious to be safe tell youre parents and go see a DR  

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