My boyfriend talks to his p***s is this normal?

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Like he has full conversations about his day with it.

Its kinda freaking me out a bit coz he'll talk to it for ages like an hour.

i love him but i want to no if other guys do this too?




  1. Never do however my ex thinks its normal to do so so she ask me if i have ever name my p***s but that give me a big HUH? expression myself. So yeah, thats pretty much my experience about it. :)

  2. that's a bit weird i just talk to down there when i think i have been a bit hard on it ( you know what i mean)  

  3. yeah its normal I talk to my big p***s eveyday

  4. is he doing in front of you, to make you laugh? maybe he just has a horrible sense of humor. but if you catch him doing it when no one's in the room, its not normal at all. you don't talk to your b***s, do you?

  5. NOOOOOOO!!!!

    i have a little brother. he acts stupid enough but he never has done that. at least, ive never seen him.  *shiver*

    ask him why he does it

    it also matters how old he is. if he's like 13 or 14...idk

  6. He's wierd

  7. Thats not normal.

  8. I think your a bit jealous

  9. Hahah that's so funny

    ask in a joking way if you can talk to it

  10. Never done that sorry.

  11. he`s just thinking out loud,,after all that's were we men have us brains lol

  12. Hey ,why not?

    Little d**k is probably his best friend

  13. ya... thats a lil odd... i never knew of anybody that did,

  14. Is this question REAL ??? .........hahaha

    at least you know who is "best friend" is .........

    .... and it's not like he's talkin' to another "woman" ..........hehe

    no, can't say I've ever seen a guy do that before

    but hey, if he wants to tell his p***s how to get "BIGGER" ...... tell him to get in-touch with me ........ I'll teach him

  15. that is awesome


    you should film it

    and savor the moments

  16. Your jealous because you don't have a p***s.  Talking to his p***s is his sense of humor.  If you are bothered by it, maybe he needs a new lover.

  17. MAYBE, he's tryting to make a 'point'. Point being You Never Ask about him or his day and he just keeps carrying on.

    (Does he ACTUALLY take it out an talk to

    I wouldn't worry, be more Attentive & Cordial.

    The PROBLEM will be when his p***s starts to TALK back!!...

  18. He is obviously insecure, that is a really unusual thing to do.  If he was doing it for about a minute I wouldnt worry but an hour is ridiculous!!!!

  19. If he says anything other than "you go little man" or "let's give it our best today" then yeah he's weird.

  20. Definitely very strange if it is repeated as well as for periods of time up to an hour. Definitely bring up the subject with him as well.

  21. No. Not normal. Sorry.

  22. he luvs it

  23. You're weird to even came up with Sorry, I don't believe your story.

  24. this may sound silly but do you ever ask him if it talks back. if so it can be some sort of psychological issue. its really not normal.

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